Steps to Starting a Thriving Musical Instrument Online Store

Musical Instrument Online Store

Starting an online musical instrument store is a great way to earn money. Many people today are choosing to learn music as a way of unwinding or to play some pieces to their loved ones. What better way to access the equipment they need online? People looking to purchase musical instruments prefer buying online for the ability to order from home and have their pieces delivered straight to their doorstep. Again, you can make a great living from your love of music by selling musical instruments online. If you would like to start an online musical instruments shop, this article will show you all the dynamics involved plus everything you will need in advance:

Plan your business

An online business should be taken just as seriously as any other kind of business, especially if you are planning to keep the profits coming in. The best way to start your business is to create a foolproof plan that will account for both the internal and external business environment.  The business plan is also a crucial requirement when applying for loans from business financiers. Some important aspects to keep in mind as you prepare your business plan include:

  • What your initial costs will be and where you plan to obtain funding
  • Who your target market will be
  • Your business name
  • How long it may take for your online store to break even

Find a supplier

To have a successful online business, you need to find a reputable supplier or manufacturer that provides products of excellent quality. You can use tools like Oberlo to find a list of reputable and trustworthy suppliers.

Create a legal entity

Many entrepreneurs often choose a sole proprietorship; it has fewer legal obligations, is inexpensive to set up, and you can be selling in a matter of days. However, starting an LLC is the best option. While it may take a considerable amount of time and resources to get things started, an LLC protects you from personal liability in case your online musical instruments store is sued or debt. Ensure you enquire the legal requirements and steps for starting an LLC in your locality, state, as well as any federal requirements.

Set up your e-commerce store

After you have figured out a robust business plan and are in the process of creating an LLC, you want to purchase a domain and web hosting. These will serve as the address and online space for your store. There are plenty of remarkable domain name providers in the market, such as HostGator and GoDaddy. Ensure that your domain name is easy to recall, provides a positive image of your brand, and does not have any bizarre symbols and numbers.  Domain names are relatively inexpensive and can cost anywhere between $10 and $15 per year. You can also obtain web hosting services from your domain registrar, who may even offer to give you a domain name for free if you purchase web hosting from them. As you start your e-commerce site, consider these essential factors:

Anti-spam law: you may use your customers’ emails to keep them up to date on your inventory and progress of their online orders. If you plan to use email marketing, avoid spamming your clients; you could ruin your reputation, and lose them altogether.

Client personal data protection: running an online store also means collecting payments online and having access to their names, contacts, and addresses. Ensure you have measures in place to protect this important information from prying eyes and hackers.

After setting up your domain name and web hosting services, you can also obtain a professional email account, which will portray a better image than any of the readily available free emails. An excellent professional email service provider is Google’s G Suite. In addition to email services, they also offer other tools like word processors and spreadsheets for business use.

Register for taxes and get all the necessary licenses

To run a tax-compliant business, you need to register for state and federal taxes before your business goes live and you start selling. Licenses are also required to run a business that is compliant with local, state, and federal law. Getting these permits will increase client trust and eliminate the risks of hefty fines and business closure. Ensure that you have an Employment Identification Number, which is obtained from the IRS. Some manufacturers and suppliers may require that you provide an EIN to do business, while the EIN may also be important to set up a separate business account.

Open a dedicated business bank account

business bank account

The key to running a successful business is separating personal funds from business income. You can achieve this by setting up a business bank account. Banks that offer business accounts may offer you business-friendly features, not to mention the benefit of personal asset protection. Having business accounts mixed up with personal accounts may risk your personal assets in the case of a lawsuit. Again, having a separate business account will help you account for the flow of funds far more easily and track your business performance and will make filing annual taxes far easier.

Get business insurance

Running a business is a risky affair. Getting business insurance is critical for you to run your store without persistent worry. Besides, if you are planning to hire help to run your store, some states may have workmen compensation insurance as a mandatory requirement to operate.

Get your brand out there!

Running an online music instruments store means that your clientele will most likely be energetic, fun, and eccentric. You can leverage these positive qualities to generate chatter about your business. Ensure that you use as many online channels, such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to generate awareness about your brand. Having your brand fresh on your potential clients’ minds is a sure way to keep the competition at bay and keep orders coming.


The steps above will provide you with a distinct idea of what you need to do to start a thriving musical instruments store online. With the right supplier, persistence, and a robust website, your store could well be on the path towards minting top dollar.

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