How Can Make You Money by Listening To Music

Money by Listening To Music

Do you want to earn money by doing what you love? Among the millions of ways to make money online, listening to music is the most exciting way to boost your pocket-money. In current days, musicians are increasing and are looking for great people to listen to their music. Due to this, millions of websites are popping up to connect the musicians to talent hunters.

On the internet, you will get a large number of websites where you can get paid by listening to music, but not all are genuine. These websites require a lot of people to help the musicians to find the direction they need for their songs. Some sites pay users to review music of upcoming singers and songwriters.A variety of websites can be an option and a source of confusion. Here are 8 great sites to consider:

  •  Musicxray

Is listening to music something that you do in your free time? You can make this opportunity a way to earn a considerable amount of money. With Musicxray, you will get paid by listening to music of your choice. It is good option for music lovers.It has two accounts: one for the artists where they upload their songs and the other for people like you who want to earn a living.

Musicxray will match you with the song of your preference, and after thatthis company will send money to your account after every song you listen to. It pays its users only through PayPal.  It comes with a user-friendly interface to help you sign up with ease. Thus, you will not need someone to help you get started. Incase of challenges, they have active customer support that will provide you with positive feedback.

  •  Slicethepie

Every artist’s wish is to stand out from their competitors. They want their songs to get recognized by everyone. For this reason, they use the internet to look for people to write reviews about their songs. Thus,Slicethepie is a good option for you if you can listen to music and write high quality and honest review.

Slicethepie being among the largest sites where you can earn money by listening to music will allow you to sign up with only a few steps. You will not have to listen to the whole music. 60 seconds are enough for you to review the song.

  •  RadioLoyalty

Like any other radio station that wishes to have millions of listeners, RadioLoyaltyallows hunters to listen to music and get paid. It is an internet-based radio that has different stations and music genres. It is funded by advertisements. This company provides various ways of earning money.

You will not only earn from music but also by listening to the adverts. In addition, you will get points by signing up and completing your profile. You can exchange the points for the gift cards.

  •  Earnably

Earnably is an easy to use website. In other words, you do not require having skills to sign up and listen to music. It provides fast and easy ways to earn instant rewards online. The best way to make from this siteis by listening to music and adverts.

Imagine earning a living by just watching a video. It sounds interesting. Right? Earnably is a free to use website that will allow you to watch a 10-12 minute video. Apart from this, you will earn some cash by completing surveys and online offers.

  •  Fushioncash

Are you a US or Canada resident who wants to make money with less hassle? Then, Fushioncash website is your option. It is free to join for everyone over 18 years. With only a computer or a smartphone and a strong internet connection, you will earn by listening to internet radio.

Apart from this, you will earn by filling out a simple survey, completing offers and referring friends. The best thing about Fushioncash is that you can join its online forum. Here, you can ask simple questions about the site and how to maximize your earnings.

  •  HitPredictor

Do you want to earn money with less effort? Then, you need to consider HitPredictor. This site will pay you to listen to music that is yet to be released. You will earn points for each song you listen, rate, and leave feedback. You can redeem the points for prizes that are in the Website’s Prize Store. Also, you can trade the points in for Amazon gift cards. However, not all users will earn from this site. You need to writea quality review.

  •  Welocalize

Welocalize is an online company that gives a chance to everyone around the world to listen to music and earn money. Are you fluent in writing more than one language? Then, this is the best opportunity for you. It a fun task because you will listen to music and transcribe the lyrics.  It provides plenty of work, and you can earn bonus if you turn out to be a top transcriber. All you need to start is an active Gmail address, desktop, and internet connection.

  •  Cash4minutes

Are you always on-the-go and want to make money online? If yes, you need to consider listening to music. Cash4minutes becomes a leading site that allows users to complete their profile for free and start earning. It pays its users to listen to radio music stations. You will have options to listen to any station that is available at the time. The good thing about Cash4minutes is that it provides different payment methods. You can receive money through PayPal, Bitcoin, Litecoin, or even redeem your cash through Amazon Gift cards.


Listening to music is something that people do daily. You can use your hobby of listening to music and earn money. From the comfort of your home, you will listen to your music of choice, rate, and give feedback. Also, you can transcribe the lyrics and earn some dollars.

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