How to Get Paid for Listening to Music on Websites

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Looking to score some extra cash this month? The internet never runs out of ways in which you can make a decent amount of money, but did you know that you can make money by listening to music? Some companies and applications out there are helping you leverage your love and taste for great music to make money. All you need to do is take out your laptop or smartphone, obtain a secure, strong internet connection, find the right platform, and start listening!

How do such websites work?

First things first, maybe you would like to understand how platforms that allow you to make money by listening to music work. The same way you can make money by watching some YouTube videos or playing games online, you can also make some extra money for your daily expenses via music. However, you will get paid for listening to music, along with some additional simple tasks.

Depending on the platform you choose, you may have to put in a review of the song you have just heard or complete a survey. The ratings and reviews you write go a long way in helping the musicians and composers. It is recommended that you listen to the song for at least the first 60 seconds if you are offered an entire song rather than a sample. You should also write an honest, unbiased, and helpful review of the music you listen to. The better the review, the greater your capacity to earn. You need to write genuine, original reviews rather than made-up versions. Writing low-quality reviews will hurt your reputation and subsequent ability to make money on such websites.

These websites may require you to register an account then keep a lookout for emails with the songs you need to listen to and review. They will also ask you some questions to determine what your kind of music is to ensure they send you music that you can relate with.

Referring your friend

Music promotion is all about getting more people to listen to one’s music, and some websites will reward you for referring other people to listen to the songs. The more people you refer, the greater your earnings will be.

You can get paid to transcribe lyrics

Some websites and programs work by having you download the app, listen to a song, then figuring out what the lyrics are. This may involve more work, but if you are a deep music fan that goes the extra mile to figure out a song’s lyrics, then you are perfectly cut out for this job.

Listening to advertisements

This aspect is spotted mainly on internet-based radio stations. They do not require you to take any further action after listening, like making a review. All you need to do is listen to the music on the radio station as well as the advertisements that will crop up almost every two minutes. These programs also have measures in place to make sure you do not set up the computer and radio station then leave. Such measures include CAPTCHAs, and some programs will even reward you for filling in many CAPTCHAs.

How much money do you stand to make?

Honestly, listening to online radio platforms will not make you rich, but will provide you with some cash for small expenses. The amount paid per song varies with the platform and is between 2 and 20 cents. This amount can quickly add up if you keep listening and log in often enough. You will also make more money if your ratings are excellent, with some platforms offering $5-$10 per hour depending on your performance on the other tasks that you are assigned.

Below are some of the most famous platforms for you to sign up now and start earning:


RadioLoyalty is one of the top websites where listening to online radio will get you paid. It pays out 30 cents for every song you listen to. The RadioLoyalty app is available to download on iOS and Android, and also lets you earn additional cash by filling out CAPTCHAs. You can withdraw as soon as you make a minimum of $25, and you can get your earnings in the form of Visa gift cards.


FusionCash works in conjunction with RadioLoyalty to provide a platform on which you can earn by listening to your favorite music. As you listen, FusionCash will pop out a CAPTCHA randomly that you can solve for more money. This platform also lets you make money by taking surveys, referring friends, and watching videos. Signing up to this website will get you a $5 bonus. If you make up to $25 in a month, you will be able to withdraw your earnings via direct deposit, check, or PayPal.


Another subsidy of RadioLoyalty, you can make money by listening to online radio and withdraw as soon as you make $2. As you progress on Earnably, you will get access to bonuses and payment options. You can also make money on this platform by recommending your friends, taking surveys, and watching clips.


SongPeople is a site that gives you songs to listen to for money. On this platform, you will also be required to make a review on the song you have just listened to. The website pays keen attention to your review and pays out in points that you can redeem for gift card codes. This website is ideal for people in the US and UK.


WeLocalize pays its users to listen to music and transcribing the songs into their lyrics. Song transcription is done via its mobile app, which is only available on the Apple App Store. You can transcribe songs and receive your payouts via PayPal every week.


The above platforms are sites that are genuine and reputed for paying their users to listen to music online. To make the most out of your venture, sign up on all these platforms, and keep at it. They also do not charge any fees to their members.

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