8 Websites Where You Can Make Money by Listening to Music Online

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Many people may not be aware of it, but your favorite hobby of listening to music can actually make you some decent cash! There are websites out there that give you the opportunity to listen to music, write reviews about the songs, and earn some money while at it. These websites pay you to review the music released by new and upcoming creatives. Your feedback is incredibly helpful in helping these talented individuals determine the next course of their careers and identify areas that need correction. Below is a list of such sites, and how you can use them to make money online:


Slicethepie is a famous fashion and music review website; it is incredibly popular among upcoming artistes looking for a reputable site for reviews and feedback about the music. Reviewers provide their opinion and feedback about the latest tracks from amateur musicians.

On Slicethepie, you sign up then listen to a 60-second track, after which you should provide an honest, unbiased, and helpful opinion about the song you have heard. These reviews are then forwarded to the artistes to help them improve and develop their careers in music. The payment gateway used by Slicethepie is PayPal, and they pay 2-20 cents per review. To withdraw, you must at least earn $10.


Musicxray is another famous platform where singers/songwriters submit their music and earn money. It acts as a go-between for talent hunters seeking gifted individuals. The artistes who upload their music to the platform pay a fee to promote their music and build a subsequent fanbase. All you need to do to earn money on Musicxray is to sign up as a fan, then listen to your kind of music. The website will pay you to listen to the tracks submitted by the upcoming artistes, which are usually 30 seconds long. Musicxray pays out via PayPal only and offers 10 cents per song. For you to withdraw cash, you must at least have earned $20.


Research.fm is a company that carries out research on behalf of radio stations to determine the best kinds of music to play. The company essentially pays you to provide feedback on the kinds of music you prefer to be played. Research.fm sends you a song sample to listen to, plus survey via email that you fill out. Your payments are sent as Amazon Gift cards.


HitPredictor is another research company that allows you to test songs by new artistes before they are aired. As a user, you listen to music and provide an unbiased opinion about it. All you need to do is register an account, select your favorite genre, listen to the samples of music provided, then rate them. You can also earn extra cash by rating the artistes individually. The company rewards you via a point system where three points are equal to a dollar. Each song sample you rate earns you three points, which you can redeem later for Amazon gift cards and other prizes.


RadioLoyalty is a web-based radio service that rewards you in cash for listening to it. The online radio platform is available in many locations globally, so you will probably have no trouble finding it. Many people may not understand why a radio station would pay you to listen, but RadioLoyalty is sponsored by advertisements. As you listen to the radio, you also listen to the advertisements as you enjoy their music selection.

The main mode of remuneration is points, which you can exchange for gift cards. You start to accumulate points as soon as you sign up and finish up your profile. You score ten points for every ten minutes you listen to the radio platform. To ensure that you remain active, the radio requires you to complete a CAPTCHA every four or five minutes.


RadioEarn is another interesting web site where you can make some passive income by listening to the radio. You sign up, complete your profile, and are free to start listening and earning. If you have a website, you can integrate the radio platform to the site so your site visitors can listen as well, thus generating some income. For every fifteen minutes you listen, you earn points that are converted to dollars and sent monthly via PayPal.


Cash4Minutes allows you to make money online by making calls and listening to radio stations. As a user, you simply create your account in which you will provide details about your contact details plus a landline number. After you complete registering your account, you will receive emails with corresponding tasks. You get to listen in on any radio station that is available and make calls. Cash4Minutes pays its users about $0.08 per minute and pays out via Bitcoin, Litecoin, or PayPal. You can also redeem your cash for Amazon gift cards.


PlaylistPush is a service that allows its users, called curators, to monetize their playlists via platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer. This website connects musicians to the playlist curators and helps them to pitch their songs to the curators for a shot at inclusion to the playlists. The artists pay the curators to listen to their songs and review them. To be a PlaylistPush curator, you need to have at least 400 followers on your playlist. Your income will also depend on your reputation on the platform, and ranges between $1 and $12 per review. Your payments are sent via PayPal.


The above platforms are reputable and safe online avenues in which your love for music can become a source of income. You will also interact with your favorite artists and offer them an opportunity to hear your opinion regarding their work.

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