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Those with rooms full of guitars and drum kits know that it is easy to buy the music gears. But it is challenging to sell them and get profit. In current days, you do not have to build a physical store and look for people to purchase the instruments. With the new technology, you can get buyers from the comfort of your home.

Selling online is easy. It requires less effort and capital to sell your gears. On the internet, there are millions of platforms to sell music instruments online. However, people make a mistake of picking a platform and sticking with it without wondering whether they can get a better deal somewhere else. It is easy to lose dollars when selling the instruments. To help you from making these mistakes, here are 6 best platforms to sell your gears:

  •  eBay

eBay is a leading platform that will help you get your listings in front of tons of people. In other words, you will have an excellent chance to sell the music gears quickly. It is a good platform for starters. With its easy to use interface, you can easily list your products. What makes eBay an excellent platform is a comprehensive guide. It contains full tips and ideas of the selling the equipment successfully. eBay will allow you to control the prices, add photos to your listing.

As you know, everyone wants to purchase the right gears online. Due to this, the musicians are conscientious when buying the instruments. They, therefore,use only the trusted platforms. eBay is a popular platform, meaning that buyers believe in getting high-quality items in this site. This means that you are likely to reach a bigger audience with eBay.

  •    Reverb.com

Reverb.com is an undisputed champion that focuses on the music gears. It is organized and easy to use, making it suitable for everyone. If you want to get the best-selling experience, Reverb.com is your choice. As you are aware, music is wide, and music instruments are many. With reverb.com you can sell any equipment as long as it is related to music in some way.

A massive number of musicians visit this platform to look for the best gears. Thus, it is an assurance that you will get buyers quickly. Security makes Reverb.com a leading website to sell music equipment. With a small sellers’ fee, this platform will guarantee the safety of the sales. With no listing fee, you can keep your instruments until you get the right buyer.

  •  Craigslist

Have you been wondering where you can sell music instruments near you? Craigslist will help you sell locally and know what your potential buyers are looking for. This platform is completely free, making it suitable for sellers with budgetary constraints. There are no sellers and listing fee. You can relist your post occasionally at no cost.

The online market has vast competition. Every seller wants to win more customers. Due to this, they professionally present their items. Craigslist will allow you to set your prices and upload high-quality images.

  • Facebook marketplace

Facebook is a social media platform that you already have in your smartphone or computer. It is becoming a good site for both buyers and sellers. With little effort, you can sell musical instruments online. It has a large number of users: meaning you will convey a message to millions of people.

Facebook marketplace

Essentially, there are two options you can use to sell: my personal favorite (Facebook groups) and Facebook marketplace. They are both easy to use and can get more customers if you list you gears correctly. With the Facebook marketplace, you will set up a public listing that will be seen on your newsfeed. All you need to stand out is add a quality title, description, and photos to represent the instruments. The Facebook groups will help you target both local and international customers. If you have a lot of fellow musicians in your local area, this is the best place to sell. Also, you can advise your followers to share your ads by assuring them of rewards.

  • Sweetwater

Are you looking for an easy way to sell your instruments online? Then, Sweetwater is your solution. It offers a free option to list your products. The good thing about Sweetwater is it’s easy to use interface. With just a few steps, you will be ready to start.

Starters with less capital should consider this platform. It does not charge the commission fee. Its main goal is to provide an easy way for musicians and buyers to connect and buy musical instruments. In case you encounter challenges, you can contact their customer support team. It works around the clock to help you solve issues.

  •  Sam Ash

Looking for a reliable place to sell your used musical instrument? Look no further but Sam Ash. You can sell all sorts of equipment as long as they are of high quality. Sam Ash has been in the market for many years. Therefore, it understands what customers look for in the music gears. Due to this, they will help you present the equipment in a way to convince customers to make purchases. With Sam Ash, you will not have worries about places to market the instruments. It has great marketing tools to bring your devices in front of buyers.


Selling can cause headaches more than buying. Although millions of platforms can help you sell your gears, not all are reliable. Some charges a high listing fee and others have few buyers. Thus, before choosing a site, you need to research and get one that will match your needs. However, having an excellent platform is not an assurance of succeeding in your business. You need to have a plan before you start. It will help you set the right prices, create a unique description, and add quality images. With this, you will be convincing the buyers that your musical instruments are the best.

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